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The J, The K, and The Farm!


At JK Farm, you can watch nature from your deck, or embrace it with walks around the farm. There are a variety of eco-systems present on the farm that support diverse plant and animal life. Over 40 years ago the property benefited from a local boy scout troop's pine tree planting project.

Today roughly half of the 70 acres of forest land consists of mature stands of white pine and scotch pine that provide year-round cover for a variety of wild life. The remainder of the forest land was timbered in the late 1990s. The dense hardwood re-growth (poplar, maple, oak, and ash) adds to the wildlife cover and food sources supporting deer, turkey, dove, grouse, pheasant, rabbit, and others.

The pond, and five acres of marsh, attract heron, migrating ducks, geese, and an occasional kingfisher; they all try their luck at catching blue-gill, bass and catfish.

Partners in forage and soil improvement; the herd of Black Angus-cross beeves and flock of Romney and Suffolk sheep, move through the pastures busily harvesting their next meal. Calving starts in late February to early March. Lambing starts in late March to early April. These two annual events add excitement to the spring months, and is always a favorite reason for our visitors to explore the farm and watch the happenings.

Jeff and Karen try and keep their USDA processed grass-fed and grass finished beef and lamb available for sale on the farm. Plan ahead, bring a cooler and take some home. As Jeff is moved to say... "it's awesome!"